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Why You Need to Walk Your Dog Everyday

Why You Need to  Walk Your Dog Everyday

As a dog owner, daily walks should be part of your life.  But why?  Does it really make a difference to your dog?


Yes, it sure does!  Regular walks offer many great benefits for your pooch.  If you want to know what those benefits are, read this article.    

Promotes Optimal Health

Walking is a fantastic form of exercise, helping your pet keep excess pounds away.  And because it’s a low impact activity, walking is suitable for nearly all dogs and their owners. 


Taking walks can also ward off joint stiffness, enabling your dog to maintain mobility.  Regular walks might even prevent constipation.


Your pet’s body will begin to recognize walk time as potty time, causing your dog to take a potty break during every walk.  This will keep your canine’s digestive system working well.


Furthermore, walks improve your dog’s mental well-being by allowing your fur ball to release pent up energy, resulting in a relaxed, happy pet.   

Gives Your Dog the Chance to Socialize

Meeting other owners and their dogs during walks gives your pooch the opportunity to socialize.  Those opportunities teach your dog how to interact with new people and animals. 


The better your dog’s socialization skills become, the less anxious your pup will feel around other people and pets.  Your canine will also be better prepared to visit your local dog park.    

Strengthens Your Dog’s Obedience Skills

After your dog has mastered basic obedience skills, never let your pooch forget any of those commands. Regular training sessions must continue.


Your daily walk is a great time to practice obedience skills.  Try giving a few commands during each walk with your dog.  This will help your furry friend remember what those commands mean.    

Prevents Boredom

When you are stuck at home, it can get pretty boring.


Well, that’s how your dog feels without a walk.  That boredom can lead to destructive and/or annoying behaviors, like:


  • Barking all the time;
  • Scavenging through the trash;
  • Chewing your possessions;
  • Jumping up to get your attention;
  • And more!   


Walking your dog on a regular basis will banish boredom by breaking up the day and changing the scenery.      

Gives You Quality Bonding Time

Perhaps the best benefit of walking is getting to spend extra time with your four-legged pal. And that’s why walking your dog shouldn’t feel like a burdensome chore.  Instead, it should be a wonderful experience that strengthens the bond you share with your pup. 


So, the next time you walk your dog, be sure to enjoy it! 


Having the right equipment will help.  That’s where Truharness comes in. 


This no-pull, dog walking harness:


  • Is easy to slip on your pooch.
  • Doesn’t allow your dog to pull on the leash.
  • Can be customized to display your dog’s name and phone number.    


When walking your dog is this easy and enjoyable, you will love this activity just as much as your pet does!


And if an escape should ever occur, having your contact information right on the harness greatly increases the odds of being quickly reunited with your beloved fur baby.  That should certainly give you peace of mind.